Are there non-synthetic hormone replacement options?

There are plenty of bioidentical pharmaceutical hormone options to treat menopausal symptoms. Over 90 percent of my hormone therapy patients use these, and most physicians who treat menopause are familiar with the options. There are brand name and generic products available; to list some of them: Estrace, Vivelle, Minivelle, transdermal estradiol, Prometrium, micronized progesterone.

Check diet and exercise...You also mention weight gain. I hope you know you’re not alone! It’s a reality that the hormone changes of menopause also affect our bodies, and it’s a good time to take stock of your diet and exercise habits to make the best choices for your current reality.

If you need a provider who focuses on menopausal treatments you can find one on the NAMS website (North American Menopause Society) at this link. Enter your zip code and a list of nearby providers will be listed.

Good luck!