Can I transition to using a moisturizer after Vagifem?

You say that you’re approaching the completion of a Tamoxifen regimen, and your doctor wants you to discontinue using of Vagifem. You ask about moisturizers and how to apply them.

Whether or not you will need Vagifem (a vaginal hormone insert) or a moisturizer depends mostly on whether you are menopausal (one year past your last period). If not, you are likely to not need any treatment, since ovarian production of hormones should keep things comfortable.

If you are now menopausal, then initiating a moisturizer can be very helpful, or resuming a prescription hormone therapy may be necessary over time.

Among the choices we offer, I can’t say there’s one that’s better than the others for your situation. They are all safe and effective; we offer choices simply because some women prefer one over another. You can easily apply a moisturizer with your fingertip (like using OB or similar applicator-less tampons), especially if it’s a cream or gel consistency, or you can request a syringe you can use as an applicator with the moisturizer.

Good luck!