Is there such a thing as advanced Kegel exercises?

Sounds like you’ve mastered Kegels 101. Congrats! If you want to refine your practice, try using a hand mirror and a good light and watching what happens when you contract these muscles. That’s right—look in the mirror at your pelvic floor in action. 

Pelvic muscles have a full range to be exercised.

Also, remember they are muscles, and like all muscles, they have a full range of motion that should be worked. Most of us do our Kegels just contracting them. But it’s good practice also to stretch, or elongate them. And one of the best ways to think about that is the Elevator visualization. 

Think of your relaxed pelvic muscles as the first floor. Contracting your Kegels (as we did for the urine-stop visualization) is like taking them to the second or third floor. The marble sucking exercise (a heavy, marble ball into your vagina) is maybe the fourth floor. And if you buy and use Kegel weights or barbells you can go to the higher floors still. 

But elongating, or stretching the muscles, is taking your pelvic floor to the basement, which is good for them. Elongation tends to happen naturally when you yawn. But it’s a nice thing to do for them at the beginning and end of your Kegel sessions. Stretching is a kind of pushing action, a little bit of a bearing down, to stretch the connecting ligaments a little bit, get the blood flowing. Keep up the good work!

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