What’s the difference between a lubricant and a moisturizer?

Can I use both? My lady parts are painfully dry but I’m not willing to throw in the towel on intimacy!

Good for you! Yes, you can use both, and I encourage women to do so. The real difference between a lubricant and a moisturizer is how long they last. Lubricants coat the vagina to ease penetration, so intercourse feels more comfortable—maybe a bit more like it felt when you were in your thirties. But the benefit doesn’t last. It’s a single-use kind of thing (unless it’s a lubricant specifically designed to moisturize, too).

Moisturizers last longer. They replenish and help maintain water content in the vagina, clinging to the vaginal walls so they are effective for several days. Mineral- and vegetable-oil-based moisturizers are not recommended because they can cause irritation, providing a habitat for abnormal bacteria. Vitamin E oil, on the other hand, can be a helpful ingredient. (Here are some some options from a reputable source)

Some women prefer to moisturize every few days; others need it a little less often to stay comfortable. You choose what works best for you!