Can you recommend a good resource for my low libido?

I’m feeling so disheartened. Do I need to just accept it? 

Don’t give up! The fact that you’re feeling discouraged tells me that your sexuality is still important to you. 

More than 30 percent of all women (not just menopausal) experience low libido.

Have you heard of Rosy? It’s an app that was launched by Dr. Lyndsey Harper, an OB/GYN in Texas, to help women of all ages improve their sexual desire. She started it because she couldn’t find a good resource for her patients who complained of low sex drive

The Rosy app offers educational videos, sexy short stories, and self-help skills—all of which are proven methods of increasing libido. For the more than 30 percent of women who experience low desire, it’s a way to explore solutions in privacy.

While the app wasn’t designed specifically with menopausal women in mind, much of what you’ll find there is applicable to issues encountered in midlife. For example, one of the educational videos is on scheduling sex. As Dr. Harper says in one of the videos (and I agree!), a lot of times we think “‘I need to be turned on and have desire and then I’ll have sex’… but we can schedule sex, start to get into it, and then feel that desire.” 

That’s true of women in their thirties—but even more true for those of us in menopause. Because estrogen production drops off in menopause, we have to work harder at arousal. Sometimes it takes having sex to feel like having sex.

Some functions on the app are free; others aren’t. But there is a one-week free trial period. And Rosy also offers a free blog with good information. 

Good luck and let us know what you think!