Are there other pathways to intimacy?

Because of health issues, we can no longer “do it.”

I’m so glad you asked! As we age, our sexual abilities may change. But the need for physical affection, playfulness, and emotional intimacy never leaves us. If you hold intimacy as your goal, the options multiply beyond intercourse very quickly.

With the right mindset, almost any shared activity becomes intimate.

With the right mindset, almost any shared activity can become part of intimate play. Here are a few ideas, but use your imagination to come up with others!

  • Cuddling or massaging
  • Necking/nibbling
  • Bathing together
  • Reading erotic stories or watching erotic movies
  • Slow genital massage without orgasm as the goal (try some massage oil)
  • Eating
  • Playing
  • Exercising
  • Wearing or wrapping each other in silk
  • Singing or playing music together
  • Passing naughty notes in an inappropriate setting
  • Sex-texting (be sure you know where your text message is going!)
  • Erotic emailing
  • Erotic codewords or coded language
  • Role-playing games

With a little effort, you’re sure to find something that works for the two of you. Good luck!