How can I tweak my attitude?

I’ve been feeling cranky and pessimistic lately, even though, all things considered, I don’t have any major problems.

One easy and effective way is to create a gratitude practice for yourself: Keep a gratitude journal in which you list three things you’re grateful for every day. In the same way that exercise is a bit of a silver bullet for physical health, gratitude seems to be a silver bullet for mental health. 

Research shows that gratitude increases general happiness; reduces social comparison (reducing resentment); strengthens personal resilience; builds social connections (when you express gratitude to someone, it can further the relationship); and enhances empathy. Research even shows that gratitude improves sleep!

This may not work for you, but it very well might. Give it a try! (And if you want to make that gratitude practice do double duty, share the things you’re grateful for with your partner, as a way of building intimacy.)