Is there a connection between HT and diabetes?

A new study suggests that HT—at least a particular kind of HT—may offer some mitigation against diabetes.  The study results regarding hormone therapy and the incidence of diabetes found that the combination of estrogen and progestin therapy decreases seven of the nine metabolites (substances produced during metabolism) that are “strongly associated” with Type 2 diabetes.

The study, which was led by Dr. Heather Hirsch at the Ohio State University Medical Center, is based on analysis of the data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). 

The more we know, the better decisions we can make to maintain our health.

I learned about the study at last year’s North American Menopause Society annual meeting. The information fleshes out another part of the balance of risks and benefits for each woman, especially, as the NAMS medical director, Dr. Stephanie Faubion says, “given the debilitating effects of diabetes and its increased incidence in the United States.” 
I’m grateful for this continuing research, and encourage women to investigate what’s currently known about hormone therapy. The more we know, the better decisions we can make about how hormone therapy might help us maintain our health. And it’s worth remembering, as Dr. Avrum Bluming said in our Fullness of Midlife interview, “Everything in life that we do is a balance of risk vs. benefit.”