What can I be doing to care for myself right now?

I’m extra stressed by the pandemic.

In my pre-coronavirus practice, I would have started a post about self-care talking about how we are at an age where we can finally tend to our own health and well-being. That’s still true, but now we’re also in the midst of a global crisis that both highlights the importance of taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically and gives many of us the time to devote our attention to it (not to mention the need for something to focus on). 

The Invitation book cover from Rosebud Woman

Self-care is composed of many things, including what we need to regulate our bodies. This is different for everyone, but might include a mix of exercise, social interaction, meditation, and certain kinds of food. 

It also includes pampering ourselves, from head to toe and everyplace in between. Our friends at Rosebud Woman are offering free PDFs of two self-care books, which you can download at these links: The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self, which looks at how we love and care for our bodies (especially the often ignored parts), and The Body Love Journal, meant to help you strengthen the “muscle” of loving our bodies. (Buy either book in beautiful printed versions at Rosebud Woman’s website.)

I’ve talked with Redbud Woman’s founder, Christine Mason, about the philosophy behind the company and their products, recorded in this episode of The Fullness of Midlife.

During these unprecedented times, please continue to look after yourselves and make healthy choices. Stay home. Wash your hands. And give yourself lots of grace!