What is dilation therapy?

My doctor recommended it to make intimacy more comfortable, and I’ve never heard of it.

Vaginal dilators are cylindrical tools of graduated sizes used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. Dilators can also be part of a maintenance routine to keep vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable.

Set of vaginal dilators

Typically dilators are provided as a set, along with instructions for exercises to gradually, gently, and comfortably stretch the vaginal opening and the vaginal depth to comfortably accept penetration.

There are many conditions and reasons that call for the use of vaginal dilators: vaginal atrophy, post-radiation adhesions, and vaginismus. But we may also use dilators simply to maintain our vaginal tissues. Older vaginas remain strong and comfortable only with use, and dilators are a great tool for keeping vaginal tissues elastic, comfortable, and ready for intimacy.

You can do vaginal dilation on your own, but for conditions like vaginismus, may be best used under the care and supervision of a gynecologist or physical therapist.

Safe dilators are made of hard plastic or silicone; silicone can feel a little warmer, but silicone dilators may not be firm enough for some women to insert them easily. Both dilators and instructions for use are available from MiddlesexMD as well as other online sources. 

Vaginal dilation takes patience. It can take three months or longer for your vagina to expand enough for vaginal intercourse. Frequent, short sessions will give you the best results.