What’s with this stinging, burning sensation?

It happens when I urinate after sex.

You say that you have that sensation even though you’ve had Mona Lisa treatments [a procedure for restoring vaginal tissue] and use a silicone lubricant, and the sensation continues for a couple of days after intercourse.

It’s possible you could have one of three conditions: atrophic vaginitis, vulvodynia, or a urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by intercourse.

Work with your provider to find the actual cause, which will point you to the best treatment.

The Mona Lisa Touch therapy doesn’t completely take care of atrophy for some women, and you might be one of them. If so, there are safe and effective prescription therapies available, and it may be helpful to add one of those.

Vulvodynia happens when the entrance of the vagina becomes inflamed, causing burning pain during and after intercourse.

Finally, in some women intercourse itself actually causes a UTI, a bladder infection that leads to the symptoms you describe.

Those are the most likely possibilities, but please talk to your health care provider about what’s going on. She or he can determine the cause and recommend the best course of treatment for you—and there is treatment for each option.